Top 10 Best Vape Tank 2017

Best Vape Tank Top 10 Competitors for 2017


A new year means new tanks to upgrade ones current setup. However, it can be difficult (and often times time consuming) finding gear that meets one’s personal preferences or even matches their device. Furthermore, it can be frustrating sifting through a catalog of items that end up ruining one’s idea of a perfect vaping experience. No matter if one considers themselves a beginner, intermediate, or experienced vaper, they’ll enjoy the wide array of tanks mentioned below offering a number of benefits that are sure to peak one’s interest and make their vaping experience more enjoyable this year. Below one can find a brief list of some components to make the best vape tank for themselves.


Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast

tfv8 sub ohm best vape tankThe SMOKTech TFV8 Sub-Ohm Tank packs a powerful punch and offers a number of benefits from its predecessor, the SMOK TFV4 Sub-Ohm tank. Often regarded as one of the best vape tank components of 2016, this module is sure to impress. Featuring a number of uniquely patented atomizer heads, the TFV8 is specifically composed of high-end materials such as Stainless Steel for those looking to create clouds with every puff. Not only does the TFV8 offer a high performance experience during each use, it also features an expanded heating air tube, allowing for increased airflow, a 6.0ml capacity, an improved refill slot (for added convenience), and a centralized airflow chamber for a greater experience overall.




Super Tank Mini

super tank mini best vape tankFor those interested in a tank that offers a top-fill functionality and an adjustable airflow chamber that can be fully adjustability, the Tobeco Mini Super Sub-Ohm Tank is a no-brainer solution. This Specific tank additionally offers a traditional diameter of 22mm, a capacity of up to 4ml of e-liquid, a Stainless steel composition, and a wide bore dip tip for increased performance. If that wasn’t enough, the Mini Super Tank offers complete compatibility with the latest and greatest box mods.




Uwell Crown 2

uwell crown 2 best vape tankThe Uwell Crown 2 Quartz Glass Tank offers a modern and sophisticated look, offering a wide array of improvements from its younger brother, the Uwell Crown, including a larger e-liquid storage tank, an improved design for enhanced flavor, and improved adjustability in airflow for the end user. If that wasn’t enough, the creators of the Uwell Crown 2 Tank offered design improvements to help reduce leaks, while making improvements to create thicker clouds and offer compatibility with a multitude of other mods.




Eleaf Melo 300

eleaf melo 3 best vape tank

If an individual currently has a powerful device but is in the market for an upgraded tank, the Eleaf Melo 300 should not be overlooked. Offering a 26mm-diameter tank that allows up to 6.5ml of e-liquid capacity, the Eleaf Melo 300 is sure to become a fan favorite and one of the best vape tank pieces on the market of 2017. The tank itself offers an easy to use refill system, offering a fully retractable top and precision-control customization with the dual airflow control ring. The tank itself consists of a glass composition and wide bore drip tip for easy use.




Sense Herakles Pro

sense herakles pro best vape tankThe Sense Herakles Pro Sub-Ohm Tank brings a considerable amount to the table including a hefty 4.5ml e-liquid chamber, quad-auxiliary airflow design (that can easily be adjusted), and a 1.8ohm dual-coil head design. This tank further features a threaded top fill, a 22mm-diamter, and a durable Pyrex glass and steel construction. Furthermore, the Sense Herakles Pro tank is offered in a number of colors including stainless steel, copper, and even black, sure to match and enhance one’s current setup.




Wotofo Serpent Sub

wotofo serpent sub tank best vape tank

For those looking for a new Sub-Ohm tank, the Wotofo Serpent Sub might be an automatic winner. This specific sub-ohm tank features an easily-interchangeable coil, a minimal 3.5 ml e-liquid capacity chamber, and a gold-plated 510 drip tip. Beyond this, the Wotofo Serpent Sub features a recently-popular anti heating drip tip and a fully adjustable air flow to meet virtually any preferences one may have. The device itself is designed with a combination of high-quality glass and stainless steel to offer a durable solution for those frequently on the go.




Vaporesso Target Pro

vaporesso target pro best vape tank

One can’t go wrong the Vaporesso Target Pro Tank. The included tank offers a traditional 2.5ml capacity, 22mm-diameter, Pyrex glass composition, and a leak-free design. Furthermore, users will enjoy the completely adjustable airflow control and the convenient 510 connection offering compatibility with a number of mods. A cCell ceramic coil, which was debuted with the original Target, is used in this tank as well and can be replaced.


Horizon Arctic V12

horizon arctic v12 best vape tank

For those interested in including one of the best vape tank modules, the Horizon Arctic V12 Sub-Ohm tank is an all-around winner. Offering a 5.0ml e-liquid capacity, top fill design, a durable Stainless Steel & high quality glass composition, triple airflow adjustment slots, and a slew of other benefits, users are sure to instantly fall in love. When properly equipped to one’s setup, expect thick and dense clouds with every puff as the V12 has been frequently remarked as powerful and game changing.

Aspire Cleito 120 Maxi

aspire cleito 120 maxi best vape tank

Offering an affordable yet powerful solution, the Aspire Cleito 120 Maxi Sub-Ohm tank surely won’t disappoint. The tank itself features an average 4.0ml e-liquid chamber capacity, a top fill design, and an easily adjustable airflow valve allowing one to easily personalize. Further, the Cleito 120 Maxi includes a durable construction that can handle high wattage builds and can easily withstand the test of time.





wismec reux sub ohm tank best vape tankOffered in both the Standard and Advanced Configuration Kits, the Wismec Reux Sub-Ohm tank is sure to catch an eye or two. Although designed by JayBo, this fashionable tank also packs a dominant performance against most of its competitors. Designed with a huge 6.0ml-chamber, slim 25mm-diameter, and a convenient top-fill design, this tank is sure to quickly become a fan favorite with most setups. Beyond that, this tank features a traditional 510 thread drip tip, glass composition, and a fully adjustable airflow inlet control ring.




With a new year comes a brand new opportunity to improve your device and increase its storage chamber, performance, and durability.  A brand new tank will bring out the best in one’s vaping experience. No matter which tank you decide on, we’re sure it will quickly become the best vape tank your device has ever incorporated.

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