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The best rda for clouds in 2017


Shopping for the best RDA for clouds may feel more than a little confusing and overwhelming at first. The reality is, however, that it doesn’t have to be. Although there are many choices in RDAs (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers) on the market these days, they’re all equipped with their own distinctive features and specifications. If a vaping fan is looking for the best RDA for clouds, they should explore all their options with maximum care and diligence. The best RDA for clouds is the one that matches an individual’s preferences and wishes the closest. Massive and powerful clouds should be within reach for everyone, plain and simple.

528 Customs Goon

528 customs goon best rda for clouds

The 528 Customs Goon Two Post Clamp Style RDA is a device that’s known for its imaginative, creative and interesting terminal layout. It has a dual post clamp look that consists of coil leads that are in the middle of a sizable flat section. This RDA has a diameter of 24mm. Although its build deck is both effective and reliable, it also manages to be cutting-edge and state of the art. The RDA’s structural framework is made from strong and sturdy stainless steel. Purchases of this device include goon carrying pouches, extra screw packs and extra O-rings.




Kennedy RDA by Kennedy Enterpriseskennedy best rda for clouds

The Kennedy RDA by Kennedy Enterprises comes in both 22mm and 24mm diameters. Some highlights of this device include quad tube airflow, a three-post layout, a copper contact pin and a domed inner cap. It’s made from brushed stainless steel and has a polished and modern appearance. It even has Kennedy engravings. The RDA’s three post layout is memorable for several reasons. It has 2mm post holes, a copper center post and a deck that’s especially deep. It can accommodate a maximum of 30 traditional drops total. The RDA’s drip tip contributes to airflow that’s more powerful than ever before.




VaperGate Mason RDA

mason 24mm best rda for clouds

The VaperGate Mason RDA is accessible in three handy size options. Purchasers can choose between 24mm, 30mm and 40mm diameter devices. Other standout elements of this sleek stainless steel RDA are its deck milled negatives, copper 510 connection and 6mm juice wells. It boasts an attractive grayish-black finish as well.




Wotofo Sapor V2 Two Post RDA

wotofo sapor v2 best rda for clouds

The Wotofo Sapor V2 Two Post RDA is a device that showcases the journey of the prominent Sapor RDA platform. It’s a modern RDA that’s accessible in diameters of 22mm and 25mm. The 304-stainless steel device has a two-post build deck and triple O-ring. It, lastly, has a distinctive top airflow system that encourages intense flavoring.




Wotofo Troll V2 25mm

wotofo troll v2 best rda for clouds

The Wotofo Troll V2 25mm Two Post RDA has a diameter of 25mm. It’s a stainless steel device that’s equipped with a gold plated 510 connection. Other memorable elements of this RDA include its dual airflow settings, two post build deck and bore Delrin competition cap. This cap has a width of 13mm. The RDA’s dual airflow settings come with triple diagonal slots and triple horizontal slots. These slots are all 100 percent adjustable. Its two-post build deck has hex screws that appear on the sides. The deck, finally, has a juice well with an impressive depth of 8mm. This device is known by many for its massive range.




Grimm Green x Ohm Boy Recoil Performance

recoil performance best rda for clouds

The Grimm Green x Ohm Boy Recoil Performance RDA comes with a build deck that offers superior balance. The deck also has a convenient two cap. The 24mm diameter device is made of sturdy 304 stainless steel. Its four-terminal build deck has elevated negative terminals with 2.55mm post holes. These negative terminals encourage coil positioning that’s effortless and easy. This RDA has an attractive, neat and streamlined appearance. Its flavor bro cap has 2.55mm airholes that contribute to flavoring that’s notably powerful.




If a vape lover wants to track down the best RDA for clouds, they need to educate themselves well. The choices in superb RDAs these days are abundant. They run the gamut. There are many reputable brands out there that manufacture modern and visually enticing devices that are top of the line. These RDAs accommodate many diverse needs and preferences. They can make great choices for all different types of vape enthusiasts as well. There are so many interesting features on hand for people who are shopping around for RDAs. Vaping fans should always approach the purchase process with full focus. They should be aware of all product specifications, too.

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