The best rda for flavor in 2017


The vaping and ecig market is a very popular market. It has grown exponentially in the past ten years or so, and every rda on the market is designed with the same aim. To be the best rda for flavor. An RDA is a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. Vaping and ecig customers want the most out of the flavor liquids they choose, and they look for devices that will give them the best vapor with the most dependable atomizer. The products listed below are products that deliver what the vaping consumer desires. There are products to fit every consumers discerning preferences.


Dotmod Petri V2

dotmod petri v2 best rda for flavorThe Dotmod Petri V2 is considered the most recent in a line of atomizers that are considered the gold standard in the market. It features a traditional two post design, yet improves upon it. The posts are enlarged to 3 mm and the 2mm terminals on each post are rectangular. This gives the ability for the atomizer to work with a variety of coils. PEEK coats the deck of the V2, which minimizes heat transfer to the 510 insulator. This improves the durability performance of the atomizer. It utilizes the classic three-piece design and has dual air holes. This RDA is great because it is an innovative classic.




pharaoh best rda for flavor

The Pharaoh RDA┬áis the first atomizer to combine DigiFlavor and RiP Trippers into one fully functioning atomizer. It has a 2mm tank and a 2 post shelt-style deck. It is in the running for best RDA for flavor, boasting quality airflow and a flavor and vapor intensive chamber. The atomizer is also aesthetically pleasing, with laser engraving on the base, and a sleek streamlined height of 35mm. It includes three drip tip styles, and has a 2mm subdeck with a rotating slip plate. This allows users to open and close the wicking and fill ports as needed. This feature minimizes vapor that is wasted by spilling. The Pharaoh’s features make it a very popular item on the market.



Aria Built TM3 Cubed

twisted messes built tm3 best rda for flavorThe first item on our list of best rda for flavor is the Aria Built TM3 Cubed. The Aria Built TM3 cubed two post RDA is the brain child of Twisted Messes and Aria, two market gurus. This is a specific box mod platform, and includes a friction washer to guarantee proper alignment. It’s 24mm on all sides, allowing it to pair with flagship model box mods. The TM3 has a friction washer located between the atomizer base and the 510. It can guarantee users a wide range of alignment and fit across different box mods, because it includes two different sizes of friction washer. On two sides of the cap, there is a radial disc-style airflow, and each disc has four air holes of varying size. This allows for maximum airflow. The drip tip of the TM3 completes the aesthetic look. It is softly squared. For greater versatility, it includes a 510 drip tip adapter. The marriage of the styles of these companies has produced a beautiful and diversely effective atomizer.



Goon by 528 Customs

528 customs goon rda best rda for flavor

528 Customs has a two-post RDA known as the Goon. The Goon may be the best RDA for flavor as it features one of the most innovatively intuitive designs to date. It is a two-post clamp-style design, in which the coil leads are sandwiched on a large flat surface area. This simplifies coil insertion. The surface area is 4mm wide, and has space between the screws. It has a large area of vertical room, making it one of the most builder-friendly designs available. The build deck boasts a 20mm interior diameter and a flavor well that is 5mm deep. It also features PEEK insulators. Goon has three 3mm airholes on each side, located right above the build deck. A single side airflow option allows it to be dialed down to a single airhole. Airflow is adjusted with the top cap, presenting a versatile range of options. The range, as well as a hybrid compatible 510 copper connection, easily makes Goon a formidable competitor on the vaping market.



Hadaly by Psyclone Mods

psyclone mods hadaly best rda for flavorThe Hadaly Ultra Flavor RDA was created by Psyclone Mods. Its approach is flavor focused. It is stylish, has a simple configuration, and has an extremely effective platform. It pairs with nearly every device, and has a clean, streamlined design. The two-post design allows for 9mm of spacing., This is one of the largest working spaces for mounting a single coil. The Hadaly uses beveled clamps. Not only does this ensure a consistently tight fit, but it also allows for easy mounting and manipulation. It boasts a large flavor and wicking capacity and is 6mm which allows for almost the entire utilization of the depth of the deck. They Hadaly also includes a squonk 510 pin which it works with optimally. Airflow is designed to pass through the lower tank. It collects at the center part of the chamber before moving upwards. There are four 2.5mm by 2mm slots which can be dialed by positioning the top cap. The Hadaly is both beautiful and well-designed.



GeekVape’s Tsunami

geekvape tsunami best rda for flavorGeekVape’s Tsunami is also in the class of best RDA for flavor. It is both dynamic and performance ready. Its two-post build deck features a quad 3mm by 2mm terminal system and 4mm quad bottom airflow which allows for a superior performance. The bar for coil mounting has certainly been raised quad terminals that measure 3mm by 2.1mm. This allows for extensive coil compatibility. The Tsunami also boasts dual external intakes. These measure 7mm by 2mm and lead into a tube system featuring a 4mm diameter for each tube inside the deck. This minimizes leakage. This model also features three drip tip styles. 11mm competition bore delrin drip tips allow for higher airflow. and a threaded 510 drip tip allows for aftermarket capability.



Stepped Rashomon by Hop N Vape

hop n vape rashomon stepped best rda for flavorHop n’Vape brought the Stepped Rashomon two post RDA to the market. Its four-terminal stepped design is ergonomic with a 21mm build deck and deep vapor well. Measuring 24mm in diameter, it has soft rounded curves, giving it a sleek aesthetic. The build compatibility is expansive, given the 21mm build deck. The two posts of the design feature two terminals, and the design is stepped. This makes coil mounting as organic and ergonomic as possible, a unique feature of the Rashomon. The 3mm by 2mm terminals are secured by top mounting hex screws. The two raised air slots measure 3.5mm by 7.5mm. The vapor well is 7mm deep. It also features a single PEEK manufactured coil that can block one side of airflow.



Any of these products can be classified as the best RDA for flavor. Each one brings different innovations and ideas to the table. This gives the consumer the best variety for their needs and preferences and ensures that the market will continue to flourish.


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