Diy E Juice Guide For Beginners


E juice can be expensive when bought from some of the online and offline retailers who carry name brands in various formats and flavors. The best way to be able to save money and to still be able to know exactly what is being smoked is to do it yourself. Diy e juice allows a person to know all of the ingredients and to add the particular flavors that they find most enjoyable when vaped. This guide will present all of the information needed so that a person can easily create their own formulas that work best for them.

Premium e-juice can run upwards of $20 for just a small bottle, and so it can really reap dividends to know how to mix these things up for oneself. It also becomes a hobby in and of itself and there will likely be talk among friends as a person becomes more adept and wants to share his concoctions and compete with others in the neighborhood who have also taken on the task of creating their own juice.

Basic List Of Ingredients

pg and vg for diy e juice

There are some common ingredients which make up most of the various mixtures that people are able to produce. The base is going to consist of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin which are widely abbreviated as PG and VG respectively. Once the base has been created then it is just a matter of adding particular flavor extracts and concentrates which will give the diy e juice its own custom taste and smell that will increase the smoking pleasure. Nicotine juice is another optional component that will give the smoker some of the same side effects of regular cigarettes, and so many opt to include this in their recipes.

flavor concentrate for diy e juice

 PG And VG Ratios

The propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG) make up the base as previously mentioned. However, the primary difference among the various fluids is going to be the ratio at which they are combined. The standard baseline ration of juices is 50/50, but 30/70 or 70/30 is also a ratio that many feels works well. In some of the more extreme instances this can be increased to 80/20 or even higher, and it all really just depends on what the smoker is looking for. That is another great reason that it is ideal to make e-juice at home. It will allow for more experimentation to find out the vape sweet spot for the individual without having to shell out a great amount from the wallet.

PG can be bought in bulk and it is colorless and practically odorless while also being a thinner concoction than VG. For that reason, it is generally used as the greater proportion when something other than an even ratio is desired, and that is also great for the vape equipment as it is easier to handle with less buildup. However, vapers all differ in the type of experience that they desire, and so others may prefer a different sensation when hitting and it takes a little bit of trial and error to find the right method.

VG is also bought from online suppliers and the like and is a natural liquid plant oil extract. While it is mostly clear and odorless there is usually the hint of mildly sweet flavors which come along with it. It can be a bit less harsh than the PG while also requiring more power from the vape device and it leaves more of a buildup that will require cleaning eventually.

Lab Equipment Needed

syringe for diy e juice

There is a myriad of equipment that is needed in order to accurately and safely handle and mix these materials. Rubber gloves and safety goggles give the necessary protection to the body of the DIYer. Safety aprons can also go a long way towards protecting the clothes and skin during the process. Syringes are also used in making your own diy e juice and provide an accurate and easy way to add PG,VG, Nice Base, and Flavor Concentrate.

Empty bottles can be purchased from online suppliers so that the finished product can be stored within them. There are blunt needle tops which will help with the transfer between containers and then you should have some type of nice labeling system that will keep everything identifiable. WARNING: It is important to remember that concentrated nicotine is highly toxic and must always be diluted when used and stored securely away from any person or pet who could accidentally come in contact with it.

Calculations For Perfection

It is going to be best to make use of one of the various online diy e juice calculators which will be able to provide all of the data so that one can make the proper adjustments. It really is sort of a basic equation, but it is important to get this step right especially if nicotine is being added.

For example,

10ml of unflavored 36mg nicotine + “DIY e-juice recipe” = 20ml juice yield w/ standard nic level of 18mg

Depending on what type of cigarette experience is trying to be emulated the nicotine level can be reduced or even eliminated completely.

Combining Everything

The end product is going to come about after all of the previously mentioned ingredients are added into the proper sized containers and combined with a nice long and vigorous shake. Flavoring should be added a few drops at a time so as to not go overboard with the introduction of that part. It is really impressive how much flavor even just a single drop can create since it is almost always extremely concentrated.

Finish and Vape Away Your DIY E Juice

There are many recipes written all over the internet and in forums and a myriad of other places. It is best to start by trying out some of these and then when all of the searching for ingredients and mixing is done it is time to sit back and enjoy a nice long vape from a favorite piece. Writing down the exact specifications of any successful concoctions will allow for easy repeat when the diy e juice stash begins to get low. It will be a fun and enjoyable pastime.


Overwhelmed? That’s okay, its alot to take in at first but it will be easy with some practice. Also, Central Vapors makes this extremely easy for beginners by providing a diy e juice kit, which includes everything you need to get started.



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